Lisa LC Show

The Lisa LC Show is recorded live via remote call-in, or recorded live in-studio at Lisa's studio located in Rochester, Minnesota, or on location.

Lisa LC Show  One hour show segments for outdoors, authors, celebrities, people with interesting stories, various topics, road trips, cooking, hobbies, and more)

Book Divas Show™(15 Minute show with today's leading authors, agents, publishers)

Lisa's Walk the Talk Show™ (one hour show featuring authors, bands, labels, and artists)
                                                                                                                                                                                  MN Fishing Spots™ (interviews with outdoor services, businesses, resorts and lodges, fisherman, etc.)

Talk for a Minute™ (one minute show: tips, a story, a quote

Snowy Creek Serials™ (serial fiction, non-fiction)

Pitches can be sent to:

Lisa LC Show

1224 Eastgate Drive SE, #9177

Rochester, MN 55904


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