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WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS, In Search of Spirit Wolf, Book Three, Episode One

Snowy River Press

WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS, In Search of Spirit Wolf, Book Three, Episode One

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Format: Ebook

Title: In search of Spirit Wolf 

Edition: 1

Episode: 1

Number in Series: 3

ISBN: 978-1-59819-261-2 (ebook)

Series: Wolves of Whitewater Falls™

Author: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Words: 15K Words/ 150 pages

Genre: Christian Suspense Fiction

Category: Wolves, suspense, romantic suspense, Christian fiction, teens to adult

Rating: PG  

Age: YA crossover to New Adult 

Publisher: Snowy River Books™ imprint of Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC

Formats (ordered separately): Ebook, paperback, audio planned

Release: 4/7/16

NOTE:  This is Episode One, of Book Three in L. L. Christenson's WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS Series. The complete book, In Search of Spirit Wolf Book Three, episodes 1-12 will be available as a complete set December of 2016.  Each episode, each format, and the entire set are sold and searchable through their own unique ISBNs.  

In Search of Spirit Wolf, Book Three, Episode One Cover Blurb: 

Annie decides to end her eight year journey documenting the lives of the eagles she loves. After another failed relationship she's ready to begin a new chapter of her life based on what remains true in her existing. As she makes changes, a series of crimes begins to assault both her physical safety and her personal security; challenging her thoughts about every person she trusted.

A week before leaving on her cross-country trek to Alaska, her fresh start, the perfect place to raise her daughter and spend the rest of her life someone starts smashing her truck windows out. One window a day for five days and as if this wasn't enough, they begin flattening her tires too.

By the end of the week she's  left without answers and without a drivable truck. Police have no leads but promise to keep a watchful eye. Annie suspects her windshield will be next, the final piece of glass. Instead, she steps outside to find her White Wolf statue was gone. Her spirit wolf, one she painted, the one  whose soulful eyes reminded her of  the real white wolf she studied along with the eagles on her documentary in Whitewater Falls. Stolen by a thief in the night––right from her doorstep.

White wolf runs into a situation that brings back memories from her youth. Can she lead Annie to the men killing off her species before it's too late? Or will fate intervine?

BOOK THREE Cover Blurb (Episodes 1-12)

In this Wolves of Whitewater Falls Novel, Annie goes back to the valley of the wolves and eagles, unprepared for the long roads that will eventually lead her to the discovery of real friends, improved relationships, stronger security both mental and physical.

If a part of your soul were stolen, would you know where to look? In this riveting novel, Annie sets off her search for Spirit Wolf, her only true friend––ever cemented to her soul, but in the end realizes: things that don't change, or in her case––stationary wolf statues, can never truly be free.

NOTE: Cover subject to change with final release.

©2016 Lisa Loucks Christenson ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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